Our Goal
We believe that VoIP technology is the heart of every successful business.

 A W Groups will helps the VoIP Businesses to grow up by extending their footprint by using AW networks & connections in the Middle-East region.
We believe that statisfied customers from the basis for profitable grow for our group, AW Telecom Target to provide high Quality of VoIP service to the carriers with competitive prices.

Arab World Telecom Registered Under UAE low,  and its office in Dubai - Derah , Lebanon - Beirut & Jordan - Amman
Wholesale Carrier's
Arab World Telecom had established more than 30 interconnections around the global market.
AW aim's to build PoP's in the main destinations to provide the best quality of Wholesale Carrier services.
AW Telecom search for successful long-term partnership with the wholesale carriers based on terms of availability, quality, and competitive cost.

Arab World Telecom Builds a range of products that suit the reseller business model.

AW enable reseller to sell SIP termination, International DID's numbers, VoIP solutions and other VoIP services under private label for reseller own brand name.

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